Apple launches processor research center in Jerusalem


Elad Wertheimer, recruiting specialist at Apple, said announcement that the company is opening a research and development site in Jerusalem to develop future Mac processors.

“The site will participate in the flagship projects we are carrying out from Israel, first and foremost the development of future processors for Macs,” Wertheimer said.

Apple dropped the use of Intel-based MacBooks when it released its internal M1 chip in November 2020.

Prior to the change, Apple had used Intel processors in its laptops for 15 years.

With the latest launch of Apple’s MacBook M2s, the company removed the last remaining Intel components from their laptops.

Apple’s Jerusalem development site will be the third of its kind in Israel.

The tech giant’s other two locations are in Herzliya and Haifa, The Times of Israel reported.

The Haifa development center was launched in 2012, while the Herzliya site opened in 2015.

Johny Srouji, Senior Vice President of Apple Hardware Technologies Told Globes that the Israeli team of the company played a central role in the development of the premium version of the M1 processor.

Apple employs around 2,000 people in Israel.

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