Apple M2 VS Intel Core i7 comparison: which processor is the best?


Apple unveiled Its brand new Mac at Apple M2 during its recent WWDC 2022 event. Apple M2 is a new chipset that the company announced at the same event. The new M2 chipset powers the new MacBook Air and MacBook Pro laptops. Compared to the predecessor M1, the M2 offers up to 18% better performance and up to 50% more memory bandwidth. It is a significant improvement compared to the M1 chipset of last year; Let’s see how he compared to the Intel Core i7 chipset.

The new Apple M2 is built using TSMC’s 5nm manufacturing process and contains up to 20 billion transistors. It has an 8 -core processor and a GPU support for up to 10 cores. The company also claims that its neural engine is up to 40% faster. When the M1 came out, Intel’s best processors were quite old, but that’s no longer the case. Intel’s new 12th generation processors are new enough to compete with AMD, Intel’s main rival, and Apple, its sidekick.

Apple M2 vs Intel Core i7 Comparison

To date, there is no report comparing both the chipset and the stats on which one is the fastest. At the launch event, however, Apple compared the new M2 chipset to the Core i7 processor. The company has never defined its performance criteria publicly. We have no doubt that it is based on reality because public companies do not invent to avoid lawsuits. And the comparison is based on that alone, so you can take it with a grain of salt.

Apple compared the M2 chipset to the Samsung Galaxy Book 2 360 based on a 10-core Intel Core i7 processor laptop. D’après le comparatif effectué par la marque, le The M2 chipset is 1.9 times faster than the i7 chipset at 10 cores. The firm also claims that their chipset is less power hungry, in fact very less, compared to the one present on the Galaxy Book2 360. This therefore specifies that the M2 chipset would be faster and less power hungry than the 10-core chipset . i7 chipset. Let’s move on to the second comparison, which has some pretty interesting results.

Apple compared its M2 chipset to Core i7-1260p at 12 cores In an EVO MSI Prestige 14 laptop In the second comparison. The comparison slide shared by Apple might surprise you. The 12-core based Core i7 outperforms the M2 chipset in performance but falls short in power efficiency. Yes, Apple admits 12-core Core i7 processor is faster than M2 chipset. However, the M2 chipset retains an advantage in terms of electricity consumption. Apple’s main point is that the M2 can deliver exceptional performance while consuming a fraction of the power of an Intel Core i7-1260p processor.

Compared his M2 chipset to the core i7-1260p to 12 cores

It should be noted that Core i7 is not always swallowed with power; It does not consume more energy when the chipset is used at its full potential. To increase responsiveness, Intel recently pushed extremely high boost clocks for a few microseconds or milliseconds. The chipset is said to actually run on low power, and when you click on a browser link, it could ramp up to 55 watts for a split second before going back to low power.

final verdict

It was therefore everything for the comparison between the Intel Core i7 and Apple M2 chipset. Although the M2 chipset was able to beat the 10-core based i7 chipset, it failed to beat the 12-core based i7 in performance. This specifies that the i7 chipset based on 12 cores has an advantage in terms of performance. However, in both cases, the M2 was better for energy consumption. What do you think about this? Let us know by abandoning a comment in your words below.


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