Apple to capture nearly 80% of Arm laptop processor market in 2021


Strategy Analytics has seen an increase in shipments of Arm-based laptop processors. In addition, the industry is developing rapidly both in monetary and piecemeal terms.

Over the past year, shipments of Arm laptop chips in monetary terms are estimated to have increased nine times from 2019. This year, as experts predict, the industry will show more than triple growth: as a result, its volume will reach $ 949 million.

Apple takes the lion’s share of the market with its M1 processors. Analysts estimate that in 2021, the Apple empire will receive 79% of the total revenue in this segment.

In second place will be MediaTek with a score of 18%. The “bronze” will go to Qualcomm, which by the end of this year will only be able to count on 3% of the world market.

As for the shipments of Arm chips for notebooks by the piece, they will, according to the analysts, more than double this year. As a result, these processors will occupy more than 10% of the total supply of laptop chips.

Arm-Based Laptop Processor Revenue Expected To Triple In 2021

Sravan Kundojjala, author of the report and associate director of Handset Component Technologies at Strategy Analytics; commented, “Apple and MediaTek have taken the lead in the Arm-based laptop processor market. Apple will capture nearly 80% of revenue in 2021, thanks to its Apple Silicon M1. MediaTek, on the other hand, will rank number two, thanks to its early leadership in the Arm-based Chromebook PC processor market. “

Mr. Kundojjala continued: “Qualcomm, despite its close partnership with Microsoft on the Windows operating system, has so far been unable to make a dent in the laptop market. Qualcomm is investing heavily in the IT market with its acquisition of Nuvia, and we won’t see results until 2023. In the short term, Qualcomm may focus on Chromebooks to capture a share of MediaTek. Strategy Analytics believes that Arm-based laptop processor vendors will need to step up their software investments and branding efforts to effectively compete with x86-based vendors Intel and AMD.

Apple will host another event on October 18 – there will most likely be new Macs

Analysts said Apple will be hosting several new product launches this fall. In mid-September, the company launched the flagship iPhone 13 smartphones, updated the base iPad and iPad mini, and introduced the third-generation watch. Now Apple has announced another event that will take place on October 18th.

At the October event, Apple is expected to unveil a number of new computers based on its proprietary next-generation processors. The company is expected to announce 14- and 16-inch MacBook Pros next Monday. Additionally, early leaks hinted at the launch of an advanced version of the Mac mini and a compact Mac Pro with a 40-core Arm chipset. It’s also worth noting that the third generation AirPods have yet to be introduced; although many sources have said they will hit the market this year. This means that their launch could also take place during the event on October 18.


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