Aurora Multimedia presents IPX-UC1 ULTRA processor at InfoComm 2021


Aurora Multimedia presented IPX-UC1 ULTRA, an advanced unified communications IP broadcast solution in the market using SDVoE ™ technology at this year’s InfoComm.

According to the company, the ULTRA was the industry’s first 4K transceiver capable of simultaneously encoding and decoding over a single cable with zero compression or lossless compression with zero frame latency. Additionally, the company revealed that what really separated the IPX-UC1 was the ability to stream 10G, 1G, and 10/100 at the same time in both directions. Additionally, advanced compression CODECs for H.264, H.265, and NDI were all part of the highly integrated Ultra platform.

Aurora pointed out that the Pentium ™ class internal processor with 1TB SSD enables connection with Zoom ™, Teams ™, WebEx ™ and other video conferencing solutions that ensure the ability to deliver high quality locally while delivering quality. remote content for others. In addition to this, the processor would be able to make optional WIFI (future capability) for BYOD applications of wireless laptops and mobile connections as a source.

According to Aurora, the ULTRA entry card slot offered 3 card choices depending on the needs of the application. These inputs, in addition to the SDVoE output and the processor output, will be routed to one of the two external HDMI outputs or the SDVoE and Processor inputs, made possible by a quad scaler processor with advanced features. These features consisted of a blend of contrast edges for side-by-side projectors, image rotation for portrait and puzzle video walls, chroma overlay for layering sources on top of each other, scope vector and pattern generation for signal integrity diagnostics.

The company added that localized and transparent switching and windowing opened up new coding side-processing capabilities while the bitmap OSD engine would be able to enhance content on inputs and outputs.

Aurora also mentioned that audio, video, data, and control could be sent securely to one or more units using out-of-the-box 10G and 1G Ethernet switches. The ULTRA contained numerous ports for control and communication and included capabilities such as 10G LAN, 1G LAN, SFP +, USB 2.0 expansion over LAN, USB 3.1 for processor expansion and RS-232 / IR for control device, are just some of these capabilities.

The company further focused on the ReAX® control kernel, a feature that allowed ULTRA to automate any function or connected device while enabling custom remote web pages for PC or mobile for an enhanced experience. . Aurora added that digital signage content can also be scheduled and controlled at will using the free authoring tool, Core Studio.

According to Aurora, ULTRA contained the following characteristics:

  • Simultaneous transmitter (encoder) and receiver (decoder) on a single CAT cable
  • 4K60 4: 4: 4 over 10G fiber or copper
  • 1.3: 1 lossless compression and zero frame rate (100us) for 4K60 4: 4: 4
  • Zero compression / frame latency (22us) for 4K60 4: 2: 0 and below
  • Secure content encryption
  • 128 × 128 compatible with HDCP, larger for unencrypted sources
  • Linux or Windows processor with the ability to run Zoom, Teams, etc.
  • Dual internal HDMI graphics output for processor
  • Two USB 3.1, two USB2.0 available for processor
  • Two internal LANs for the processor
  • 1TB internal SSD
  • Neural Processing Unit (NPU) option. People counting, emotion detection, facial recognition, etc.
  • Selectable SFP for 10G or 1G use with processor for secondary external port
  • Encode and Decode H.264 / H.265
  • NDI (Option)
  • Video wall capability (16 × 16), image rotation, edge blending, chroma keying
  • Waveform monitoring, histogram, vector range display and built-in pattern generator
  • Bitmap and character-based OSD for input and output channels
  • Windowing / Multi-viewer up to 32 windows with local windowing of up to 4 sources
  • Multi-input mode can transmit up to 4 1080p signals over a single 10G cable
  • Two HDMI outputs with independent scaling and two internal scalers for internal PC and SDVoE
  • 3 ms scaling
  • Transparent switching including local inputs and breaking switching
  • Audio DSP
  • SFP + for multi / single mode fiber
  • 10/100 / 1000Mbps LAN PoE (PD)
  • Input cards (4 HDMI, Multi-Input 1 USB Type-C, DisplayPort, 2 HDMI or 1 HDMI and 12G SDI)
  • Stereo Line In / Out
  • RS-232 and IR serial port (bidirectional)
  • Embedded web server for custom control pages
  • USB 1.1 (HID) or USB 2.0 480 Mbps IP extension
  • Dante® / AES67 2-channel IP included and 8-channel audio (optional)
  • ReAX IP control
  • Front keypad with OLED display
  • Automatic detection switching
  • Rack and table mounting
  • 4K auto-framing USB 3.1 camera option

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