Blowouts, Blunt Bangs and Side-Parts for the win


The fall pilgrimage to the barbershop is one of those annual rites of passage, like spring cleaning your home or putting up holiday decorations. Part of it is convenience: getting rid of those frayed post-summer ends from the sun’s rays and pool water. And part of that goes back to childhood, when sharp pencils and freshly cut locks signaled you were ready for back to school. Even though your days in the classroom are long behind, that “blank notebook waiting to be filled” feeling still comes back every fall. A promise of possibility, a chance to start from scratch… Who will you be this year?

Side parts

Saint Laurent, Coperni. Photos: Getty Images

It’s officially back. After the multi-season dominance of the midsections, the picking of the sides is fresh again. On many catwalks, hair of all lengths and textures was parted asymmetrically, sometimes giving an air of mystery by partially covering one eye. Not only are side parts wonderful for adding volume, they also soften the face, making them incredibly flattering.


flurry of hair trends fall 2022
Halpern, Courrèges. Photos: Getty Images

It’s time to break out the round brush: electric blowouts are going to be big this season. There’s something undeniably chic about bouncy, shiny locks that sway behind you as you strut your stuff. To get that throwback look from the salon without leaving your house, work on small sections at a time, then wrap them around large Velcro rollers as they set. Model hair, coming soon.

gelled hair

gel hair trends fall 2022
Jil Sander, Sacai. Photos: Getty Images

Don’t want to do your hair? Rake it with a strong hold gel while it’s still damp and voila: you’ll look like you’ve been ripped off the Fall 2022 runways. Just be sure to let your locks dry completely before you leave. your house. We’d do a lot of things in the name of fashion, but venturing into sub-zero weather with wet hair isn’t one of them.


fall 2022 hair trend slides
Fendi, Chanel. Photos: Getty Images

A single delicate barrette was the season’s hair accessory, complementing many prep school-inspired ensembles, one of fall’s biggest sartorial hits. Slides also pair perfectly with that aforementioned sideways trend. Part your hair off-center, then tuck the larger section back with a jeweled bobby pin. It’s just as perfect with a Chanel-style swishy blowout as it is with gelled Fendi-style locks.

Blunt bangs

hair trends fall 2022 bangs
Versace, Stella McCartney. Photos: Getty Images

Every fall, the dilemma comes up: to have bangs or not to have bangs? The season’s runways definitely argued in the affirmative, with clean, straight bangs daringly framing many models’ eyes. The look has been made extra-modern by omitting any layering in the lengths. Think: more Mia Wallace, less Marianne Faithfull.

messy waves

hair trends fall 2022 messy waves
Etro, Ann Demeulemeester. Photos: Getty Images

The key to getting cool fall 2022 style waves (instead of real housewives-esque waves), is to renounce uniformity. In other words, you don’t want your hair to look the same everywhere. Give a relaxed, imperfect feel by alternating the direction in which you wrap the hair. You can also use two different barrels to vary the size of the curls. Finish with a spritz of texturizing spray and some light rubbing with your fingers.

Wrapped ponytail

hair trends fall 2022 low ponytail
Ulla Johnson, Annakiki. Photos: Getty Images

Here’s how to raise a plain low pony this fall: Take a strip of fabric or a piece of ribbon and wrap it around the base. Do! Not only is it a super easy way to cover up an unsightly elastic band, but it also offers the chance to add visual interest to a look. Go for something printed and loose ties for a bohemian feel reminiscent of Ulla Johnson or opt for a tighter wrap in a neutral hue for a more elegant vibe.


hair trends fall 2022 pixie
Chloe, Sportmax. Photos: Getty Images

The season’s short haircut pays homage to the great pixies of the 90s: Recall Winona Ryder, Halle Berry, Linda Evangelista et al. It’s all about getting the right form. Ask your stylist for tapered sides, texture on top, and a few pieces to dress up the forehead. Style with wax or pomade for best results.

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