Building Better — One Component at a Time


At Argon Custom Products Solutions, each new project is a challenge to build it better.

Founded in 1972, Argon Medical Devices has long been recognized for its technical expertise in the design and manufacture of disposable medical devices used in interventional, diagnostic and therapeutic procedures.

For customers looking to improve device quality, Argon Custom Product Solutions helps them achieve their goals by providing advanced design and manufacturing capabilities, especially for devices that require complex materials and processes such as verification and design testing, custom coating and packaging, and rigorous quality. control.

A closer look at three specific areas reveals how innovation and design adjustments can lead to better clinical performance and better patient experiences.

Hydrophilic coatings

Friction-reducing coatings facilitate insertion and placement of devices in the body. These coatings are an essential component of stents, guidewires, catheters and other products that come into direct contact with the bloodstream. In cardiovascular and other applications, inferior coatings can lead to suboptimal performance. A variety of hydrophobic to hydrophilic coatings allows engineers and product development teams to choose the characteristics that best suit their needs.

Polytetrafluorethylene (PTFE) is one of the original coatings used for medical devices. Widely used to coat guide wires, PTFE has the unique property of providing a low friction surface when dry. In contrast, water-soluble polymers in hydrophilic coatings such as polyvinylpyrrolidone (PVP) absorb aqueous liquids to increase lubrication when wet. Argon Medical’s SLIP-COAT™ utilizes PVP to enable the design of devices that are more lubricious than those with PTFE coatings.

SLIP-COAT is the ideal solution for devices or procedures that require specific levels of lubrication. Additionally, SLIP-COAT can also be tailored to meet specifications for how long the device should remain lubricated. This feature, along with its ability to be thermoset, makes SLIP-COAT an exceptional solution for vascular devices.

guide wires

Over the past few decades, the growth of minimally invasive surgical and diagnostic procedures has created a demand for guidewires that offer improved agility and safety. This is especially true for interventional, oncology and cardiovascular procedures.

As the leading innovator in standard PTFE coated guide wires, Argon manufactures a variety of pre-coated wires that feature reduced friction and color coated smoothers for easier placement.

Argon Custom Products Solutions offers Amplatz PTFE Coatings, which reduce friction along the guidewire, while providing increased rigidity without compromising tip flexibility. Plus, nitinol guidewires — available with tungsten, platinum, or palladium tips — increase both strength and malleability, and provide 1:1 torque control and bend resistance for navigating the tortuous anatomy.

bone needles

Reliable, high-quality needles are critical to the success of interventional procedures such as kyphoplasty, vertebroplasty, bone marrow biopsy, and a variety of other procedures.

Procedure outcome and patient comfort are greatly influenced by three key factors: needle tip geometry, cannula design, and handle ergonomics. By focusing on innovations in these areas, Argon Custom Product Solutions helps customers create bone needles that offer improved performance and functionality.

Needle tip geometry has a significant impact on insertion force and patient comfort during bone access and bone marrow harvesting procedures. During the design process, Argon works closely with customers to understand the intended application of the device to determine the most appropriate tip geometry. For example, if the customer’s end use is to allow easy penetration of hard bone, a double diamond tip would be appropriate. Electrochemical grinding and notching can also be used to create custom features designed to meet specific customer requirements.

The design of the cannula also has an impact on the performance of the device. Argon Custom Products Solutions designs tubes and wires to reinforce the hub bond. Other modifications can allow the cannula to capture and retain bone marrow samples of exceptional quality. Centimeter depth marks can be added to improve physician control. Likewise, ergonomic handle designs can greatly improve needle control and clinician comfort, while custom features such as pad-printed logos or specific colors help support marketing efforts and build brand awareness. brand awareness.

Build better

Argon Custom Product Solutions is committed to driving innovation in these and other areas, including vascular necks, specialty needles, sheath introducers and drainage devices.

For customers requiring product development, contract manufacturing, or off-the-shelf medical devices, Argon Custom Product Solutions offers the expertise and capabilities to ensure project success. By collaborating with customers’ product teams, Argon Custom Products Solutions is dedicated to creating smarter, more innovative ways to achieve clinical and operational goals.

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