Buy a laptop under Rs 35,000? CPU, RAM, Storage, and Other Things to Note


Buying a budget laptop might seem like an easy task. But generally, it can be quite a complex undertaking, especially when you have so many options in the market. Most of us associate budget laptops with students or professionals who need them for daily computing tasks. These users basically need a machine that can help them surf the internet, run a few word or excel files and some app-based software. So, what’s up with choosing the right Windows laptop if your budget is limited to Rs 35,000 right now?

Here are some of the basics you need to keep in mind while buying a laptop under Rs 35,000

Choose the right screen size: Most laptop brands give you a 15.6-inch screen size in this range, but there are a few that have 13.3-inch or even 11.6-inch display models. inches. Now it’s up to you and your needs to set the right screen size. If you need a laptop with storage space, you can choose the 15.6 inch version. If you need a more portable option that will be carried around on a daily basis, you can consider the 11.6-inch models available in the market. But remember, sizes come with their own set of limitations.

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The processor counts: The most important aspect of a budget laptop is the hardware, and getting it right is essential. Depending on the available options, Intel Celeron powers basic convertible-style laptops. Next, AMD has its Ryzen 3 while Intel also has a Core i3 processor available in this price range.

Now, when you dive into the functional setup of these processors, you realize their strengths and weaknesses. Of the three mentioned here, AMD Ryzen 3 has more cores (four of them), while Celeron and Core i3 come with dual-core architecture. This difference itself allows Ryzen 3 to perform better than Intel processors and allows you to handle other graphics-intensive tasks if needed. AMD also ensures that the machine requires less power to output, giving you longer battery life. All of these features make AMD-powered laptops in this range desirable. If you can trade performance for portability, Intel Core i3 fits right into the stand.

Count storage: Most brands in this segment offer laptops with hard drive or HDD storage option. You can easily get up to 1TB of storage, but there’s no performance boost. Just in case you find a model with SSD storage, we suggest you buy it, as it allows the system to boot faster and applications open much faster as well. However, you do take a hit on available storage, which is limited to 256GB in most cases.

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Webcam for your meetings: Most offices and schools have operated from home over the past 12 months. The need for online classes and meetings means you need a compatible webcam on the laptop. Typically, you get in-system HD quality webcams that can be modified with third-party software.

Sufficient battery life: Like all the gadgets we use these days, laptops also have to qualify with their battery performance. In most cases, you can charge the machines anywhere, but the energy efficiency goes a long way to ensuring you don’t need to plug in regularly. Choose the machine that gives you the perfect balance of performance and efficiency on a budget.

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