Coming Soon Large parts of the internet are down due to Cloudflare outage


If you’ve just started your day logging into your daily websites and were greeted by a “500 Internal Server Error”, know that you’re not alone. Large parts of the internet are down, and the cause appears to be an outage at Cloudflare. Affected websites and services include Discord, Omegle, Feedly, Zerodha, Groww, Upstox, Buffer,, etc.

Screenshot showing cloudflare service issues

As Cloudflare’s status website indicates, the service is investigating widespread issues with its network. As a result, users experience errors and timeouts when accessing Cloudflare’s network or services.

As the status website mentions, the issue has been identified and a fix is ​​being implemented. Cloudflare didn’t mention which part of its service is facing an outage, but common guesses could be its Sites and Services API or its CDN and DNS. Over the past few months, we’ve also seen outages at Amazon and Facebook render good chunks of the internet unusable and unusable, indicating how dependent we are on specific infrastructure providers for our day-to-day internet needs.

Cloudflare is an internet infrastructure provider, commonly used for its CDN (content delivery network) and DNS services, as well as other related services. CDNs cache websites and then attempt to serve the page from a server geographically closest to the user requesting the page. This decreases the page load time.

Update: Issues fixed, websites available again

The issues with Cloudflare are now reported as resolved and the services are back online. However, you may still encounter issues with your loading speed. This should be corrected gradually throughout the day.

Have you encountered any problems in your region? Are services back to normal now? Let us know!


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