Concept: How a New MacBook Air Could Adopt the Best Parts of the iMac and MacBook Pro


As soon as Apple unveiled the new iMac earlier this year, I realized that the company had to give the same design treatment to its mobile counterpart, the MacBook Air. Soon after, rumors started pouring in, and now that Apple has officially unveiled its new laptop models with the MacBook Pro, it’s time to consider how the MacBook Air might be redesigned.

First of all, the colors. Colors have faded from Apple laptops since 2001, when the company changed the iBook to white. In 1999, the company launched its first consumer notebook in two colors: mandarin and blueberry. They then added a handful of new colors like lime, indigo, and graphite. So with the iMac gaining a wide palette of delicious new colors this year for the first time in nearly two decades, it’s more than likely that a Mac laptop will embrace them again, too.

For a new MacBook Air, Apple could start with the three colors offered in the base configuration of the iMac. There could be a gorgeous light blue, pink, and green. After iPhone 13, iPad mini and Apple Watch Series 7, the silver option could be replaced by starlight. They could add a midnight option as well, although I’d bet the company is sticking to space gray.

Inside the laptop, Apple could take the new look of the MacBook Pro and make it more user-friendly for the average consumer. As on the iMac, the border could change from black to light gray. The lower bezel could be a lighter pastel shade like the chin of the iMac. They could also resize the screen up to 14 inches to match the smaller MacBook Pro.

One controversial change Apple could make with the MacBook Air is to add a notch. It’s not something that will really bother anyone on the MacBook Pro because it’s part of a black border. But a light gray notch can stick out like a sore thumb. Personally, I wouldn’t have a problem with that, but it would definitely be more noticeable.

Since this is the MacBook Air, it would naturally be significantly thinner than the MacBook Pro. Apple made the new MacBook Pro about power, and they’re not afraid of its thickness. So next to it, a MacBook Air might look ultra-thin. The screen could also be thinner, as Apple likely wouldn’t include a full Liquid Retina XDR display. It would just be a Liquid Retina display with a less complicated battery.

On the left side of the machine Apple could reintroduce MagSafe. MagSafe 3 looks fantastic, and it’s something we’ve all missed. It will more than likely return to the MacBook Air in the next release. It would probably also have fewer ports. So there would be no HDMI port, no SD card slot and one less USB-C port.

On the cover of the new MacBook Pro lives a beautiful glossy black logo. On the MacBook Air, the logo could be a glossy light gray to complement the light gray bezel inside. The light gray logo would look absolutely stunning, paired with the light aluminum colors.

Overall, the package would include a brand new display with a notch, a stunning color scheme, MagSafe, and an all-new wedge-less design that looks more like the MacBook Pro.

The new MacBook Air would likely live between the low-end MacBook Air M1 as a new mid-range option. It could replace the MacBook Pro M1 currently priced at $ 1,299. Like the iPad Air 2020, Apple might also justify charging a bit more for the modern design and feature set.

  • $ 999 – MacBook Air M1 (Silver, Space Gray)
  • $ 1,499 – MacBook Air M2 (Starlight, Midnight, Blue, Green, Pink)
  • $ 1,999 – MacBook Pro M1 Pro / Max (Silver, Space Gray)

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