Dell Alienware x15 R1 and x17 R1 Gaming Laptop Price Full Specs Features Configuration and Images


One of Dell’s main subsidiaries called “Alienware” will soon launch its two gaming laptops in the US market. The names of their two new game models are “Alienware x15R1” and “Alienware x17R1” respectively. The highlight of these two new laptops is that it is one of the thinnest and most stylish laptops in the world. Apart from that, the company has claimed that the x15R1 model is one of the powerful 15 inch sub 16mm gaming laptops around the world and that it will have a display size of 15.6 inch with a 360Hz refresh rate. In addition, both models will contain Alienware Cryo technology as well as thermal resistance technology, while the x17 R1 model will have a mechanical keyboard, which is completely optional.

Specifications Alienware x15 R1

The new “Alienware x15R1” will have a 15.6-inch display screen and will be available in two configuration variants. The first configuration variant will consist of a screen resolution of 1080p with a refresh rate of 360Hz. While the second configuration variant will consist of 1440p and will have a refresh rate of 240Hz. The laptop is powered by the Intel Core i9-11900H central processing unit and also has a graphics processing unit from Nvidia GeForce RTX 3080. The laptop has a RAM of up to 32 GB and also has 4TB of storage space.

The battery capacity of the laptop is 87WHr and will come with a 240W power adapter. The highlight of this laptop is that there is Alienware Cryo-tech and Element 31 technology which will add multiple improvements of up to 25% in thermal resistance technology. Then there is hyper-efficient voltage regulation in the laptop which will allow the laptop to perform well while gaming.

In addition, there is a technology named Smart fan control which uses AI and a black keyboard is also added to the laptop to reduce screen glare. The laptop has additional features including a Windows Hello infrared camera that can be used by users for biometric login. Apart from that, the laptop will come with USB Type-C, USB-A and Type-C USB and Ethernet connectivity. The weight of the laptop with the lowest configuration is around 2.27 kg while the one with the highest configuration weighs 2.36 kg.

Alienware x17R1 specifications

The new “Alienware x17R1” has a 17.3 inch display screen and will be available in two configuration options. The first configuration consists of a resolution of 1080p and has a refresh rate of 360Hz while the other configuration has a refresh rate of 120Hz and has a resolution of 1440p. The laptop is powered by the Intel Core i9-11980HK central processing unit and also has a graphics processing unit from Nividia Geforce RTX 3080 and has a RAM of up to 64 GB and a capacity 4TB built-in storage. Other than that, most of the specifications of “Alienware x17R1” are similar to those of the X15R1.

Alienware x15R1 and Alienware x17R1 Pricing and Availability

The limited edition model “Alienware x15R1” and “Alienware x17R1” will be available in the US market from June 1, 2021, ie Tuesday, while the full configuration model will be available for sale at from June 15th. 2021. The “Alienware x15R1” is priced at $ 1999.99, or approximately Rs. 1,45,800 while the “Alienware x17R1” is priced at $ 2,0999.00. As of yet, the company has not revealed when it will launch the same in the Indian market. We’ll keep you posted, until then stay tuned with us.

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