Diesel Laptops joins ADS, CVSN


Diesel Laptops announced new membership in the Commercial Vehicle Solutions Network (CVSN) and the Association of Diesel Specialists (ADS).

Diesel Laptops says it is committed to keeping abreast of developments in the diesel industry and to networking with other industry leaders who share this concern.

“We are very happy and satisfied to join these two groups, which are both highly respected for their high standards,” says Diesel Laptops. CEO Tyler Robertson. “Induction into these groups publicly reaffirms Diesel Laptops’ commitment to the highest quality service for our customers and its dedication to the future of the industry.”

Recognized as an advocate for the independent North American commercial vehicle market, CVSN includes nearly 70 of the world’s leading independent aftermarket distributors, operating in more than 500 locations across United States, Canada and Porto Rico. Formed in 2006, CVSN represents the merger of the Council of Fleet Specialists (CFS) and the National Wheel and Rim Association (NWRA). CVSN’s stated purpose is to provide a forum for professional development, legislative awareness and business opportunities in the diesel industry.

The Association of Diesel Specialists (ADS) is the leading global trade organization for the diesel industry, says ADS. Focused on diesel fuel injection and related systems, ADS brings together independent repair shops specializing in diesel fuel injection, drive-in, governor and turbocharger service. ADS says it strives to “provide programs and services to its members that will help them succeed in operating their business in the diesel industry around the world.” ADS members include OEMs, manufacturers and distributors of spare parts and related equipment.


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