ERP adds paperless part quoting/estimating capabilities


Manufacturing ERP developer ECI Software Solutions has entered into a Paperless Parts alliance that will offer “seamless integrations” between business management software and estimating/quoting technology for workshops and contractors. The new partners said they will offer joint customers a way to streamline operations, reduce manual data entry into multiple systems, and provide accurate quotes quickly and efficiently.

Cloud-based Paperless Parts applies a “powerful geometry analysis engine” to locate areas of improvement, helping shop makers modernize operations and reduce time spent on estimating, quoting and to order processing.

Paperless Parts recently entered into a similar alliance with Cetec ERP, a platform that allows users to track, run reports on open purchase orders, see what suppliers owe and other tracking tasks.

Announcing the new alliance, the partners explain that the integration of Paperless Parts functions into ECI’s ERP solutions will help manufacturers “replace hours of manual steps in the estimating and quoting process.”

Jason Ray, CEO and Co-Founder of Paperless Parts, said, “As we look at how the manufacturing industry continues to evolve, embracing new technologies to improve profitability and streamline operations, we know this partnership will play a important role in driving for current and future ECI and paperless parts customers.”

Integrated features are now available to users of ECI’s JobBoss “quote-to-pay” order management program, and a supported integration between Paperless Parts and JobBOSS² (with cloud and on-premises availability) is expected to be available more late this year. Other ERP products will be integrated as the alliance continues.


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