EU regulators want 5 years of spare parts for smartphones, much better batteries


The most notable proposed solution (listed in Annex II) is for phone manufacturers and sellers to make “professional repairers” available for five years after the date a phone is withdrawn from the market. These repairers would have access to parts such as the battery, screen, cameras, charging ports, mechanical buttons, microphones, speakers, and hinges (including for foldable phones and tablets).

Phone companies also have a choice: either make spare batteries and back covers available to phone owners or design batteries that meet minimum standards. These still include 83% of its rated capacity after 500 full charge cycles, then 80% after 1,000 full charge cycles. Apple, for example, currently claims that its iPhones are designed to retain 80% capacity after 500 charge cycles.

Good. I’ve been saying it for years: if the auto industry can be legally obligated to provide spare parts, repair information, etc., to third parties, so can the tech industry.


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