Gaming laptop price war to erupt in 2016, report says – Laptop – News


We have seen more and more gaming laptops entering the market this year and big players like ASUS introducing mid-priced gaming laptops to reduce the competition. Now it looks like a full “price war” will be triggered by new entrants and increasingly fierce competition next year, reports DigiTimes.

The gaming laptop market was once dominated by MSI and Dell (via Alienware). As other PC vendors have noticed the dynamism of the PC gaming market, more and more people have shifted from producing traditional laptops (often sold at low margins) to the gaming laptop market. Now , there are many more gaming laptops entering the market with MSI and Dell facing increasing competition from ASUS, Levovo, Acer and Hewlett Packard.

Thanks to the above situation, DigiTimes expects a real price war to be unleashed next year. Its Taiwan-based supply chain laptop makers have warned it about the likelihood of such fierce competition.

Another driver of the PC gaming market was noted in the report. China and South Korea are apparently “make e-sport a major sports category to be developed”, which will drive sales of high performance PC components, associated peripherals and gaming laptops for those who want to play on the go. It’s worth noting that MSI is maintaining its market share in gaming laptops and graphics cards fairly well, only slightly declining in motherboard sales this year.

Yesterday in related news we saw Razer finally reveal plans for a pan-European rollout of its New Razer Blade compact and slim gaming laptops.


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