Google and iFixit will offer parts to help fix Pixel phones


Google joins Apple and Samsung in providing you with the resources to repair phones yourself. The tech company is partnering with iFixit to provide official parts for Pixel phones later this year. The initiative will cover models ranging from Pixel 2 to Pixel 6 Pro and beyond. You’ll have access to a “full range” of components such as batteries, cameras and displays, whether you buy them alone or with tools in iFixit repair kits.

The initiative will be available in the US, UK, Australia, Canada and EU countries where Pixel phones are sold. Google also said it’s “expanding” authorized repair shops’ access to parts, tools, documentation and training if you’d rather have someone else fix your handset.

The company called this decision a step in a broader approach to sustainable development. All Google hardware will include at least recycled hardware in 2022, and the company highlighted other longevity-related features, such as five years of Pixel security updates and tools to turn older laptops into Chromebooks. Ideally, these efforts will help you use the devices longer and prevent them from becoming e-waste.

There is also a likely pragmatic motivation. Like Apple and Samsung, Google is facing pressure from regulators and the public to remove limitations on do-it-yourself repairs. The iFixit partnership isn’t guaranteed to help Google fend off criticism, but it could show the company is willing to bend to avoid or adapt to new right-to-repair rules.

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