Hackaday 2022 prices: Disposable vape pens have become project pieces


Disposable vapers, a subgenre of e-cigarettes, have been all the rage for a few years now – they’re small, self-contained devices with a rechargeable battery and vape liquid inside. As the battery drains and the liquid runs out, the whole vape pen is usually thrown away. [Dimitar] wants to change that, however, and teaches us to reuse the vape pen as much as possible – as another underappreciated source of parts we can use in our projects.

In a lengthy introductory work diary, he breaks down and documents the inner workings of a vape pen, coupled with a video we placed below the break showing how to take them apart. In these, he shows how we can reuse the case and plastic parts, if any of us are interested in a project that fits the e-cig form factor. The focus is on the sensor that triggers the evaporation – it may look like a microphone, but it’s actually a specially designed pressure sensor with a high side switch! He rips one of them apart in a separate video, showing how to reuse it as a capacitive touch controller. He also aims to assemble a small database of related resources on GitHub, currently hosting the files for the protection circuit he developed as part of his recommendations for safely reusing Li-ion batteries from vape pens.

[Dimitar]The journey of is on, and we can’t wait to see some fun uses of these components that he’ll definitely stumble upon on his way! For example, here’s a hacker using an e-cig battery to power a pair of RGB LED-adorned sunglasses, replacing the AAAA battery they originally came with. We’ve seen hackers create guides on reusing every part of microwave ovens, printers, and laptops, and we’ve spoken ourselves about reusing ATX power supplies and computer mice.


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