How to Fast Forward on TikTok – Easily Skip All Stale Parts


“How to fast forward on TikTok” is a popular question among TikTok users who don’t have the patience to watch videos that don’t go straight to the point right away. On top of that, TikTok videos are getting longer, making it increasingly difficult for users with “ants in their pants” to sit across them.

Luckily, there is a way to go through all the boring, outdated, and uninformative parts of TikTok videos and get to the “meat and potatoes”. However, no everyone has the functionality yet. Some users report that it only works on a few (the longest) videos, while others say they don’t have this feature at all.

That being said, we’re going to show you how to quickly advance on TikTok so you can see if you’re one of the few who have access to the feature.

How to fast forward on TikTok

We’ve all been there. Maybe you’ve watched a TikTok dance and wanted to replay a cool move. Or maybe you were blown away by a cooking video and missed part of the recipe. In either case, you will have to replay the video from start to finish.

You don’t have to waste precious seconds and minutes of your life before you can get to the part you want to see again. You can just move quickly.

How to fast forward on TikTok

How to fast forward on TikTok (Image credit: @cleobaram)

1. After landing on a TikTok video, see if a small white dot appears on the gray line below.

2. If you spot a white dot, it means it has fast forward capability. Touch the point and drag it to the right. A large time stamp will appear to let you know how far you have jumped.

How to fast forward on TikTok

How to fast forward on TikTok (Image credit: @cleoabram)

3. Let go of the white point, and voila, you’ve jumped forward.

You can also go back. All you have to do is drag the white point to the left. If you don’t have the fast forward feature, a workaround that you can use is to download the video. To do this, press the share button (the arrow icon) and select “Save Video”.

Keep in mind that this is a test feature, so if you don’t have it, don’t worry. If all goes well with the testing phase, there’s a good chance TikTok will extend the fast-forward benefit to all users and all videos.

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