Instagram workouts will not be part of my “fitness journey”


My good friend, who I relied on to hang out around chocolate and caramel coffees, recently got into running and it made me want to follow suit. If it was anyone else, I would probably ignore this and think ‘good for you’, but she inspired me to think that if she can do it, so could I.

Instead of going straight for it, I adopted a level of academic research into her routine – where she runs, what she eats ahead of time, and somehow what she is wearing. The most important. Maybe there is an element of “dressing for the level of fitness you want, not the level of fitness you have”.

I copied his order from a discount sportswear site and spent the equivalent of a week’s food budget on the same pair of must-have leggings; they’re high waisted, wick sweat away, sculpt the buttocks, resist squatting, and even have a pocket for your phone. If this isn’t the clothing to fully equip myself to hammer the sidewalks, I don’t know what it is.

It’s like I felt the need to copy it exactly to achieve the same success.

Then it came to me. Although I’m generally someone who shies away from social media, I have nonetheless succumbed to the IRL “influencer culture” (in real life). I have purchased products in the hope that they will give me the same determination and ultimately the results that my friend has achieved. And my capitalism-shaped brain took me straight to an online checkout in an attempt to achieve that goal.

Evil genius

Alas, I may just be another victim of the evil genius of capitalism and I internalized the consumerism that I tried to avoid. This realization made me feel guilty, but at the same time, I need the right clothes if I want to start running, right?

My willingness to part with the money in the amazement of relatable inspiration made me think that brands may be missing a trick by having former Love Island competitors – often pictured in abandoned parking lots wearing clothes. relaxing in neutral tones with a Louis Vuitton mini bag – with a lifestyle promoting their products.

I hit play on the app and the mellow tones of an American-sounding robotic man told me to walk or run lightly for a five-minute warm-up

Of course, in theory, people would like to copy the average influencer pool side drinking trend of kombucha, but for the more cynical average Josephine, we’re much more likely to spend the money to impersonate someone. one that we can relate to. Is it Jeff Bezos calling? I think I fell for e-commerce.

My friend also introduced me to another area that I was wary of entering – the Instagram workout class. The one-to-one class she recommended was boxercise, hosted by a popular Dublin fitness influencer. I found the video and was greeted by a tanned young lady, wearing six pack abs and drinking green fluid.

Feeling of panic

Shortly after the preamble, I felt the same sense of panic that I always experience when I go to the gym and in my head I hear the imaginary thoughts of seasoned athletes: “You are not at your place here! Go back to the library, mushy head! It was shocking to experience this overwhelming rush of self-inflicted inadequacy in the comfort of my own home. Suffice it to say, Instagram workouts won’t be a key part of my fitness “journey”.

The first day, I found the courage to run, it didn’t go exactly as planned. I was ready with a playlist and a Couch to 5K app ready to coach me through my headphones. I walked to a secluded trail in order to have some privacy, yet amused by the incongruity of Cardi B knocking in my ear as the smell of mutton permeated the air. I firmly believe that the genius of explicit female rap can only truly be enjoyed after 2am in a nightclub or when you force your body to run even when you are not in apparent danger.

I hit play on the app and the soft tones of an American-sounding robotic man told me to walk or run lightly for a five-minute warm-up. Full of energy, I thought it wouldn’t be worth it. Then the robot man told me to start running for a minute. I held for about 20 seconds before I started to see spots; my stomach was heaving. I persevered and followed the directions in the app as much as possible, but it was not a pleasant experience.

It did, however, instill in me the determination that I never want it to be this difficult again, which means I will have to keep going. Hope my versatile leggings will enhance the experience; after the first day I will take all the help I can.


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