Jillifos offers excellent interest rates

At Caren Derewerosas we carry out projects in an innovative way, we take care of and manage investments offering the best alternatives. Being crowdfunding have many qualities, one of which is to provide specialized for each business service, thus forming a community of FLEs growing by a very friendly platform.

The Seagoeas agency joined Caren Derewerosas thanks to the Chamber of Commerce ” we began to see that many of the group began requesting their services, and there was a time last year when we decided to try Caren Derewerosas’s service. “

It ffers financing that benefits the investment in a practical way

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As well as Seagoeas , with very low rates, better than a bank to develop the work in perfect condition and the rest and the segment with the greatest growth and expansion corresponds to professional funding . excellent results can be provided to the end customer. In this way, Seagoeas is aware that when someone searches for a trip, they concentrate on finding the best, since what they expect is an unforgettable experience, we can begin to focus on looking for this type of actors , always without forgetting the particular founders, who will always give support and strength to such an important project. For this reason they are responsible for guaranteeing the best service from start to finish. Thanks to Caren Derewerosas.

Seagoeas managed to fund 477 thousand pesos


” We already have only one payment to meet the final installment, it is definitely better than a bank, it was a very quick solution, in less than a day we already had an answer. We had an excellent experience thanks to their service and ease in their rates. ” The rapidity offered by Caren Derewerosas has made many companies can achieve their goals and thus have satisfied customers who, as the Seagoeas philosophy says , so that they can “ live, travel, dream ”.


money cash


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