Mi Laptop price in India won’t be affordable, Xiaomi chief reveals


Xiaomi is ready to launch its Mi-branded laptops in the country. The company teased the arrival of Mi laptops in India, calling out existing players like Dell, Asus, and HP. With the trend of working from home on the rise in various sectors of the country due to the coronavirus lockdown, it is a good chance for Xiaomi to take advantage of the demand. Raghu Reddy, the business manager of Xiaomi India in an interview with EconomicTimes shared some interesting ideas on the upcoming product portfolio. The executive mentioned that Xiaomi will not follow the smartphone affordability model and instead target creators, students and gamers. He also clarified that the company will not flood the market with too many options.

We planned to launch it before the big end of year celebrations, before Diwali. But given the situation in the industry and people working from home and students looking for devices for online courses, short-term demand may be higher than in the past“, noted Raghu Reddy. According to the executive, about six to seven million laptops are sold each year with equal demand from consumer and commercial users. “This is a stagnant category… you are seeing some increase due to big state government trade deals… however, there are two growing segments – Thin & Light and Gaming,», Noted the executive.

The thin and light segment is said to have grown 70-80% in 2019 and contributes 30% of the overall market. While gaming is still a niche segment, there is growth with a 5% share. According to IDC, the overall laptop market in India fell by around 26.5% in the first quarter of 2020 compared to the fourth quarter of 2019. However, this is likely to change in the second quarter of 2020 given the increasing demand during the locking.

Finally, Raghu Reddy also said that the company will play with the idea of ​​local manufacturing of laptops after reaching a certain level of monthly sales. At the moment, it is still not known which Mi Notebook model will come to India. A report of Windows Central suggests that the company will not bring an existing model to the country, but instead launch a brand new variant. What seems clear from the interview is that the Mi Laptop will not be offered at an affordable price and that the company aims to offer laptops with powerful hardware for creators and gamers.


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