Microsoft Surface Laptop: price, specifications, availability


Microsoft is not leaving the competitive Chromebook market to its OEM partners alone.


Credit: The Walking Cat (@ h0x0d)

On May 2, the company unveiled a new line of Surfaces, called Surface Laptop. Pre-orders begin today. The devices will start at $ 999.

As the information disclosed by “The walking cat” on Twitter revealed, the new devices come with Windows 10 S (the version of Windows 10 formerly known as Windows 10 Cloud).

The new laptops feature 13.5-inch PixelSense displays, come in four colors (Platinum, Burgundy, Cobalt Blue, and Graphite Gold), and include a keyboard covered in Alcantara, the walking cat.

Surface Laptop weighs 2.76 pounds, has a 3: 2 aspect ratio, and supports existing Surface pens. The devices will ship with a choice of Intel Core i5 and i7 processors and up to 512GB of storage. Microsoft claims 14.5 hours of battery life (although, as we know, the marketing claims and actual usage are usually quite different). If the past leaks are correct, the Surface Laptop won’t offer USB-C, which may be a snap for some.

Update: here is the pre-order link. The 4 GB version is the one that costs $ 999 (not including Pen or Dial). The 8 GB version starts at $ 1,299.

Microsoft is positioning new laptops against MacBook Air and MacBook Pro, but officials say Surface Laptop is starting to define a new category.

These Microsoft Surface laptops aren’t the budget Windows 10 PCs – whose specifications were recently disclosed – that are supposed to compete with existing Chromebooks. The Surface Laptop is said to be more of a high-end device, similar to the recently discontinued Google Chromebook Pixel.

The Surface Laptop is for post-high school students spending the next four years of their lives after Kindergarten to Grade 12, Microsoft officials said.

Windows 10 S edition of Windows 10 is a full version of Windows that is locked down so that it can only run apps from the Windows Store. It will be upgradeable for $ 49 to Windows 10 Pro for those who don’t get it through educational channels (and a free upgrade to Pro for students and educators).


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