Owner fills student’s private parts with gasoline, beats him on suspicion of stealing Rs 50,000


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Bhopal: In a horrific crime reported in Madhya Pradesh’s Indore, a student was ruthlessly beaten by his landlord and his friends on suspicion of defrauding his son of Rs 50,000. The accused poured gasoline into the victim’s private parts after beating him and even snatched his cell phone.
The incident was reported in Tejaji Nagar, Indore, where the 22-year-old student was living in rented accommodation with his two sisters. It has been alleged that the owner, identified as Nazim, blamed the victim for ‘obliging’ his 9-year-old son to give him 50,000 rupees in three installments by coaxing him. The child had told this to Nazim when he was confronted about the missing money. The student had recently bought a new laptop, which fueled the theory that the money had indeed been taken from his son.
According to a report by Bhaskar, Nazim took the victim with him under the guise of buying a goat for Eid. He arrived at a friend’s house and pretended to haggle over a goat with a stranger. Shortly after, Nazim took the victim to the roof of a house saying that the goat was tied there. Nazim’s friends, Adil, Salman and another defendant then started beating the victim as soon as she reached the roof.

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The four defendants made a video of him being beaten after threatening to kill him and filling his private part with gasoline. Out of fear, he agreed to say that he had bought the laptop with the money taken from Nazim’s son.

Nazim then drove the student home and told everyone he had had an accident. The victim then spoke about what had happened to him to his family and a complaint was filed against the four defendants on their advice.

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