PARTS iD creates the ultimate auto parts e-commerce platform


The digital commerce company seems to be the go-to place for selling auto parts online.

E-commerce has become a staple of our lives, with consumers no longer hesitating to open their laptops or pull out their phones to shop for purchases like food, housewares, clothing and everything in between.

One area that has fallen behind in the digital commerce space is auto parts, but Cranbury-based PARTS iD is keen to change that.

Founded in 2008, PARTS iD is a one-stop digital marketplace for auto parts and accessories, but CEO Nino Ciappina sees the company as more than just an online auto parts seller.

“We see ourselves first as a technology and data company, and second as a retail organization,” says Ciappina.

Unlike other products, auto parts and accessories must be specified with fitment data to help consumers know if a part will fit their vehicle. This complexity and variety of the auto parts market has helped slow the adoption of the online category, prompting PARTS iD to develop its own proprietary technology.

“None of these standard platforms was going to help us achieve our goal of trying to remove as much friction as possible from the shopping experience,” Ciappina said. “So we decided to create our own platform specifically designed for selling complex parts online. “

PARTS iD currently consists of a variety of subcategory sites including:,,,, and more.

“We [are taking] what we have perfected in the field of auto parts and are [applying it] to those other industries, ”Ciappina says.

The company has experienced tremendous growth, evidenced by an increase in net sales of 14.5% in the second quarter of 2021 to $ 130.4 million, from $ 113.9 million in the second quarter of 2020 – which , at the time, was one of the company’s most successful quarters. in its history.

Ciappina said he plans to continue growing and expanding the business to make the user experience of buying auto parts online as smooth as possible, and that includes diversifying into the market segment. ” to do for me ”.

“We recently launched a beta test where a consumer can come to, buy tires, find a local tire installer near their home and make an appointment,” explains Ciappina. “We ship the tire to the installer and the consumer has his tire installed on the date he chooses. “

This type of partnership is just one example of how PARTS iD continues to change the way people think about buying auto parts online.

“Our ultimate vision is to create a customer-centric one-stop-shop for purchasing automotive parts and accessories,” said Ciappina. “We want to be the smoothest, easiest place for a consumer to find whatever they’re looking for end to end. “

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