Peterbilt deploys patented ARTech augmented reality service tool


Peterbilt Motors Company announced on Tuesday that it will deploy 200 of its patented ARTech augmented reality tools to dealerships by the end of the first quarter of 2022.

Proprietary software is designed to innovate dealer service and improve customer uptime. Peterbilt claims that ARTech uses three-dimensional and augmented reality views of chassis-specific Peterbilt trucks, as well as existing service systems such as Paccar Solutions Service Management to help service technicians at dealerships quickly visualize key systems in the field. trucks and instantly access technical documentation and related diagrams via an Apple iPad. .

“We analyzed the technicians’ weaknesses and focused on the key technologies needed to put all the correct and relevant data from multiple databases in one place at your fingertips,” says Peyton Harrell, director of business development. dealers, Peterbilt. “The result is our ARTech tool, which transforms 2D technical information into a 3D image by placing large-scale objects on top of the real environment. This technology provides technicians with a type of x-ray vision to help improve diagnostic and repair times. “

Harrell adds that dealers using ARTech in their service racks “reported a 15-20% improvement in repair times.”

Augmented reality, its software, hardware and architecture are well positioned to bridge the data gap between engineers and service technicians who need the data to troubleshoot and perform repairs, says Peterbilt. It also allows the technician to explore and understand the objects in the most efficient way for them.

“Instead of having to carry a laptop, adapter and other tools to be able to extract information on a laptop, you now carry an iPad with all the information in one convenient location. This has saved a lot of time identifying and troubleshooting codes and issues, speeding up the process and getting our customers’ trucks back on the road as quickly as possible, ”says Mike Lacey, West Regional Product Support Manager. , Ohio Peterbilt.

Peterbilt worked with a team of talented analysts, visionaries, designers, developers and architects to create the technology, which was then tested at select Peterbilt dealerships.

“Our goal is to increase customer uptime using a wide variety of technologies, and we can do that with ARTech by empowering the technicians who work on our equipment,” adds Jason Skoog, Peterbilt General Manager and Vice President. by Paccar. “This technology bridges the gap between 2D technical data trapped on paper or screens and the actual vehicle in the service area. Our ARTech augmented reality tool allows technicians to quickly access the information they need when they need it most, right next to the truck in the service area.

Peterbilt says its deployment of ARTech is backed by the comprehensive and expanding suite of uptime services offered on its vehicles and supported by the fastest growing dealer network in North America.


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