Power BI gets a new component for Angular web apps


In recent Power BI updates, Microsoft made a bunch of new additions to Build and rebuilt Report Builder as an x64 app. Additionally, the Teams activity feed was also integrated with Power BI in June.

Today, Microsoft announced a new Angular component for its data analytics service, making it easy for web developers to use various features of Power BI by integrating them into their Angular web application. The component has been made available on npm and GitHub.

The key capability offered by this library is that it allows to integrate reports, dashboards, thumbnails, visuals, Q&A, and paginated reports in an Angular application. Essentially, allowing this framework to exist within the application allows the information gained through analysis to be converted into actions efficiently and easily. Some other features offered by this component are:

  • Optimize report performance using available bootstrap integration or phased integration
  • Defining and modifying event handlers
  • Take advantage of available client-side APIs

The complete code and instructions for understanding exactly how to use this component can be found in the Angular Power BI README file. While for those who just want a quick rundown of how it works, without diving too deep, a demo app has been provided here. Instructions for performing it are provided in the same README file mentioned above.

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