Qualcomm plans to launch laptop processor rivaling Apple’s by mid 2022


Chipmaker Qualcomm makes the processors that power all current generation Windows laptops or tablets on ARM (of which there aren’t that many) and a handful of Chromebooks (there are even fewer).

But the company’s strength has long been in the smartphone space, where Qualcomm powers most of Android’s flagships. Its laptop processors have generally provided disappointing performance compared to the latest Intel and AMD chips. But Qualcomm’s new CEO has an estimate of when that could change – about a year from now.

Apple has already shown that it is possible to release an ARM-based processor that is not only competitive with the latest Intel and AMD chips, but that can provide better performance while consuming less energy.

In an interview with Reuters, Qualcomm CEO Cristiano Amon said he believed his company would deliver a processor competitive with Apple’s by mid-2022.

There aren’t many details on what to expect from this chip in terms of features or performance. But if you’re wondering how Qualcomm plans to catch up with Apple, it’s with the help of former Apple chip designers.

Earlier this year, Qualcomm acquired a startup called NUVIA for $ 1.4 billion. This company, which was formed by a team of chip designers with experience working at Google, ARM, Broadcom, AMD and Apple.

Amon’s comments seem to suggest that the company’s first PC chips that incorporate the technology from NUVIA’s purchase are about a year away.

He says Qualcomm currently has no plans to take on Intel, AMD or other chipmakers in other segments such as servers. But he notes that the company will license NUVIA’s designs to cloud computing companies or others interested in making their own chips.

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