Razer Boss: parts shortage will drive up prices for new laptops


The ongoing pandemic has taken a toll on the supply of electronics, but this has mainly affected consoles and graphics cards. But maybe it’s no surprise that it affects laptops as well. Or more specifically, Razer Blade laptops.

Company CEO Min-Liang Tan tweeted that “we will see price increases for next-generation gaming laptops in all areas next year.” Naturally, it puts the spotlight on Razer Blade laptops of its own brand, which means expensive laptops will get even more so.

Of course, it’s not like this is an issue that exclusively affects Razer. It’s likely that all brands of laptop manufacturers will be affected by this, especially if it runs the high-end discrete GPUs, and even more so if they are of the Nvidia variety.

That’s not to say that laptop prices haven’t already risen steadily, even before the pandemic. But a bit ironically, if you’re already willing to shell out the kind of premium the Razer Blade commands in the first place, you’re probably the one least likely to notice the difference.

In any case, the CEO of Razer has given a warning to anyone looking to buy a laptop. You may have to weigh the pros and cons of buying a gaming laptop now, or paying a higher premium than usual for brand new hardware.

(Source: Min-Liang Tan / Twitter)


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