Redmi G 2021 Gaming Laptop Price: Equipped with 16GB RAM and 144Hz, this beautiful Redmi G 2021 gaming laptop, more than one feature, you also see – the laptop from redmi g 2021 game launched in china with intel and amd processors know price and specs


Strong points

  • Redmi G 2021 gaming laptop launched
  • Intel and AMD processors are available in two variants
  • Equipped with 16 GB of RAM

New Delhi. The Redmi G 2021 gaming laptop has launched. A lot of features were given in this series, in which 16 GB of RAM and a 144 Hz display were provided. It comes in two variations. One with Intel and the other with AMD. One thing common to both variants is that they come with a 144Hz display and 16GB of RAM. At the same time, 512 GB of storage was made available there. Now if we talk about the difference, the Intel variant of Redmi G comes with an 11th generation Intel Core i5 processor. At the same time, the second variant comes with the AMD Ryzen 7 processor. The company’s Hurricane Cooling 3.0 heat sink system has been made available in both.

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Redmi G 2021 price and availability:Speaking of the price of the Intel Core i5 model of the Redmi G 2021, it is 5,699 CNY or around Rs 64,900. At the same time, the price of its AMD Ryzen 7 variant is 6,999 CNY or around Rs 79,700. It was made available in China. No information on when it will launch outside of China has yet been released. It will be available for purchase in China from September 23. At the same time, the sale of its AMD option will begin from September 28.

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Features of Redmi G 2021:

Speaking of features, it runs Windows 10 and can be upgraded to Windows 11. It has a 16.1 inch screen. Its refresh rate is 144 Hz. It provides TÃœV Rheinland certification for low blue light. At the same time, speaking of its Intel variant, it comes with an 11th generation Intel Core i5-11260H processor. At the same time, it also has Nvidia GeForce RTX 3050 graphics. Now let’s talk about its AMD option. This laptop comes with an AMD Ryzen 7 5800 processor. It comes with Nvidia GeForce 3060 graphics.

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16 GB of RAM has been provided in both versions of Redmi G 2021. 512 GB of storage has also been made available. It comes with Wi-Fi 6 connectivity. At the same time, the DTS: X Ultra 3D surround sound experience has also been made available there. Speaking of battery, it can be charged from the USB Type-C port. The company received a 180W power adapter with its Intel variant. At the same time, a 230W power adapter was provided in the AMD variant.


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