Rumor: According to component image rumors, the display of the next MacBook Pro will feature a notch


At Apple’s “Unleashed” media event in October, the company will unveil the highly anticipated redesign of the MacBook Pro series. It is believed to include an all-new chassis design, Apple Silicon, the reintroduction of the MagSafe power connector and HDMI / SD card port, as well as a mini LED display. This laptop has been speculated for almost as long as it has been in development.

While there is smoke on the fire, we’re a little skeptical about this as reports of the notch in the design have only surfaced in recent days. However, it’s true that a notch on a Mac screen is probably less intrusive than on the iPhone due to the macOS menu bar UI.

Another thought has emerged in recent days. The upcoming 16-inch and 14-inch MacBook Pros are rumored to include a notch at the top center of the screen, similar to an iPhone. The FaceTime camera and ambient light sensors would be housed in this cutout, but no Face ID biometrics are planned.

The center of a Mac screen is often blank because menu bar items don’t extend that far. As the new MacBook Pros are also expected to use mini-LED technology, it’s also possible that Apple will shade the menu bar black on these models to blend in with the true blacks of the screen content with the notch area. physical.

The Weibo user said that the mini-LED display will have a notch, the Touch ID button will be illuminated, and the keyboard tray will be black in color. In the image above, the Touch ID button is represented by a circular shape, similar to the Magic Keyboard that came with the iMac M1. On Apple’s existing laptops, the metal casing between the keys is the same color as the rest of the laptop, so that would be a pretty noticeable gap.

You can see this idea represented in the drawing by another Weibo user, who scoffed at the claims found in this article that sparked speculation from the notch. The thin edges on the top, left and right sides of the screen are optionally made by including the camera and light sensors in the notch area.

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