Samsung collaborates with Apple on the design of the M2 processor


We know that at the end of this year, Apple will present its new generation of MacBook laptops. A family of equipment that will launch the new M2 processor on which the Cupertino-based company is working. And it seems that it has asked Samsung for help in developing this SoC As reported by Korea IT News, a portal of Korean origin with great weight in the technology sector, Samsung has been working for some time with the company founded by Steve Jobs to develop this new Apple M2 processor. Recall that, although Apple never reports this kind of detail, the same Korean portal discovered that Samsung had collaborated in the manufacture of the M1 chip using a printed circuit board from the Korean firm and that it was in charge of connect the semiconductor chip. to the main substrate. Samsung helps Apple build M2 processor Now a new report from The Korea IT News reveals that Samsung Electro-Mechanics, the Korean manufacturer’s chip-making division, is in charge of supplying the flip chip for the network circuit board ball grid (FC-BGA). And in this case we are talking about a renewed version of the Apple M2 chip from the company with the bitten apple. Apparently, Apple was very happy with the performance obtained with the M1 chip, so in addition to launching two different versions (M1 Pro and M1 Max), they decided to continue their collaboration with Samsung for the next generation of processors. , although without officially announcing it. A news that makes sense, especially if we take into account that Apple wants to launch up to nine different versions of its Mac family through four versions of the M2 chip. These processors are expected to be introduced in mid-2022 alongside the MacBook Air, which would be the first Apple laptop to introduce this new SoC M1 from the Cupertino-based giant. At the moment, we don’t have data on the performance that Apple’s M2 processor will offer, but seeing the performance of its predecessor, we can assume that the company’s next SoC will be more powerful than ever. Finally, it should be noted that all of Apple’s custom processors are manufactured exclusively by TSMC, the world’s largest chip supplier. If it is true that it is Samsung that delivers the printed circuits that we have indicated above, it is this Taiwanese firm that is responsible for assembling all the components of the Apple M2 processor. >


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