Sony presents key elements of the new PlayStation VR2 user experience


Sony’s PlayStation VR2 (PS VR2) isn’t due for a while yet, but today we’re treated to a closer look inside the headset. User experience is at the center of this latest update. Sony showed off what gamers can expect when they plug into PS VR2, including a new seamless mode and a nifty way to stream your VR gaming adventures around the world.

For anyone who’s experienced a modern VR headset like the Meta Quest 2, some of these elements won’t seem too revolutionary. The original PSVR was, for its time, pretty amazing, but the space has moved on and clearly Sony has caught up.

Transparent view

PS VR2 see through mode

With the front cameras fitted to the new PS VR2 headset, Sony is introducing a mode to let you see your surroundings. It’s a display mode only, there’s no recording, but it’s a great feature for VR to make sure your play area is always clear. Or to check which direction you are facing as it is easy to get disoriented.

To access it, just press the function button on the headset or use the map in the control center (pictured above). The map also offers quick access to other features such as adjusting the size of your play area.

Stream using the PS5 Camera

PS VR2 Broadcast Features

What good is hot VR gaming if you can’t show it to the world, right? For PS VR2, Sony is stepping up a gear by allowing players to stream themselves and their game.

The feature will use the PS5 HD camera and allow you to record alongside your gameplay. After all, if no one sees you waving in the air, what’s the point? Importantly, though, it opens up the idea of ​​high-quality streaming to those who don’t have the space or budget for a VR streaming setup. And we really like that.

Customizable play area

Customizable PS VR2 play area

As with other VR headsets like the Meta Quest 2, the PS VR2 will support a fully customizable play area. Using the front-mounted cameras, players will be able to draw a safe space around their room, ensuring nothing gets in the way.

This can be adjusted at any time during gameplay, but if you get too close to the boundary, an invisible wall will show up warning you that you’re straying too close to the danger zone. The game area will be saved for reuse assuming you stay in the same room. Naturally, you will have to repeat the procedure if you move.

VR and Cinematic Modes

Like on the original PSVR, Cinematic Mode will be available to view the PS5 UI and non-VR games on a virtual screen. Content will stream at 1920 x 1080 resolution, with HDR support, and at 24, 60, or 120Hz.

VR content will naturally get the full power of the system. Here, the full resolution will be 4000 x 2040 (2000 x 2040 per eye) with a full 360 degree view. This content can go between 90hz and 120hz.

We still don’t know when PS VR2 is going to launch, but the more we learn, the better it sounds. The generational leap from the original certainly puts it on par with existing VR headsets, with the added bonus of a few heavy hitters in the PlayStation library.


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