Spare parts salesman, another jailed for cybercrime in Kwara


Judge Adenike Akinpelu of the Kwara State High Court, sitting in Ilorin, on Monday sentenced an Ilorin-based parts dealer, Tiamiyu Hammed, and a certain Kamarudeen Olarewaju Ibrahim for offenses akin to cybercrime and possession of fraudulent funds.

The Ilorin Zonal Command of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) had indicted the duo of Tiamiyu and Kamarudeen on separate charges of one and two counts, respectively, in court.

Tiamiyu, 23, who claimed to be from Ogbomoso South East Local Government of Oyo State, allegedly dressed up as Sarah Ben, a white woman from Colorado in the United States to scam a $600 Todd Byers from empty gift cards in violation of Article 321 of the Penal Code and punishable under Article 324 of the same Penal Code.

On the other hand, the anti-corruption agency in one of the charges, accused Kamarudeen of having under his control a sum of N679,450.00 (six hundred and seventy-nine Tousand, four hundred fifty naira) suspected of having been obtained and paid illegally. into his account by one of the new generation banks. The offense contravenes Section 319 (a) of the Criminal Code and is punishable under the same section of the Criminal Code.

Both defendants pleaded guilty to the charge against them.

Following their pleas, EFCC lawyer Andrew Akoja called witnesses who are officers of the Commission to examine the facts of each case.

Spare parts salesman, another jailed for cybercrime in Kwara

In their primary testimony, the witnesses recounted how the intelligence led to the arrests of the defendants. They presented documents and materials recovered from the defendants during the investigation as evidence. These include account statements, fraudulent messages, all of which were admitted without objection by defense attorneys.

Akoja subsequently urged the court to convict the defendants based on their admission of guilt, the overwhelming evidence presented against them and in accordance with the provisions of the law.


In her judgment, Judge Akinpelu said the court had carefully considered the “guilty plea” entered by the defendants, the testimonies of witnesses and the evidence presented against the defendants. Accordingly, she found both defendants guilty.

The court sentenced Tiamiyu to six months imprisonment with 150,000 naira (one hundred and fifty thousand naira only) as a fine option. The judge also ordered the confiscation of the iphone 11 that the convict used as an instrument to perpetrate the crime. He would also lose the sum of $600 (six hundred dollars) in cash, which he brought in restitution to the federal government.

Similarly, Judge Akinpelu sentenced Kamarudeen to six months imprisonment on the count of the two counts against him with an option of a fine of 100,000 naira (one hundred thousand naira only) on each count. The judge also ordered the confiscation of the iphone 11pro max and the hp laptop, which the convict allegedly used to perpetrate the crime. The convict would also forfeit the 400,000 Naira (Four Hundred Thousand Naira Only) draft to the Federal Government.


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