The best AMD processor deals: save on an AMD Ryzen processor before Black Friday


The first Ryzen processors came out almost five years ago, and the Zen architecture within them completely transformed AMD’s fortunes. Not only has this led AMD to catch up with Intel in the gaming space, but it’s actually the preferred option for many system builders.

The latest Zen 3 chips, such as the Ryzen 5 5600X and Ryzen 9 5900X, are some of the best processors you can buy today, and if you can save a bit of money by buying one, then the more you get. crazy.

While there aren’t as many deals to be had on these newer Ryzen 5000 chips, you’ll find plenty of Zen 2-powered Ryzen 3000 chips with healthy price cuts. These are still quality chips worth upgrading or building, especially since they use the same AM4 platform as the newer chips, giving you an easy upgrade path to this goodness Zen 3.

  • Black Friday 2021 when is that and why you should buy pc gaming deals at the start of this year.

We would probably recommend avoiding the first gen Ryzen 1000 series for normal gaming, as subsequent generations have really improved things like gaming performance and memory compatibility. Yet if you are looking to build a cheap and cheerful retro machine or a boring working system then they can be hard to beat.

We’ve deployed the power of our robot-powered price comparison engine to search for the best deals on AMD processors every hour of every day. Here are the best deals of the moment.


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