The best and worst parts of the first Amtrak trip, from Los Angeles to Seattle


WORST: Coach has no access to dining car

We ended up with whatever we could find in the coffee car.

Anya Crittenton

In the cafe, everyone can buy snacks, microwave meals and, above all, alcohol at a reasonable price. I saw a 375 milliliter bottle of wine for $16.

The food was good. There are options like mac and cheese, cheese pizza, a veggie tamale, and a plain bagel with cream cheese.

This has nothing to do with the quality of food and service in the Dining Car, which is only available to Sleeping and Business Class passengers. Here you can enjoy grilled Atlantic salmon and a cocktail.

While this is a problem for any major transportation company, this disparity in quality based on your wealth or lack thereof certainly spoiled part of the experience.

Fortunately, the aforementioned generous baggage policy allows passengers to bring their own food and drink. Both ways my wife and I packed cold meals that didn’t require heating, snacks and drinks. We bought food and drink from the cafe car a few times, but not as much as we could have. It saved us some money.

An Amtrak representative told Insider that Traditional and Flexible Meals “has been positioned as an exclusive, complimentary service for our customers in private rooms, with the goal of providing an elevated, first-class experience for these high-paying customers. “.

They also said Amtrak plans to refresh its “cafe menus on long-distance routes” with fresh new items next month.


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