the new MacBook processor is 45% more powerful than the M1


While Apple has just pre-orders open for its new MacBook Air and MacBook Pro in the US, early benchmarks have already revealed what to expect from the performance of the new M2 chip.

At its WWDC 2022 conference earlier this month, Apple lifted the lid on a new MacBook Air and 13-inch MacBook Pro, but most importantly its new M2 chip, which is a direct successor to the previous generation M1 processor. A few days before the official release of laptops, we already know everything about the performance of the new version.

Indeed, the M2 chip has already passed the test of several benchmarks, including GFXBench and Cinebench R23. Apple had announced that the graphics performance would be up to 35% better than the M1 chip, but it seems that the Apple M2 chip is finally exceeding its expectations. On GFX, early testing on GFXBench found a performance increase of around 40-45%. On Cinebench, the GPU of the M2 chip obtains scores of 1701 and 8538 points, against 1498 and 7660 points on the previous generation.

The Apple M2 chip is more powerful than the M1 by up to 45%

On the processor side, a run on the Geekbench benchmark revealed that the new Apple M2 processor was up to around 20% faster than the M1; while Apple only announces an 18% increase.

The benchmark shows that the speed of the Apple M2 is 3.49 GHz against 3.2 GHz for the M1; an increase of about 9%. Based on Geekbench 5 benchmark testing; the 13-inch MacBook Pro with the M2 chip scored 1,919 points in the single-core test; and 8,928 in the multi-core test.

These two results mark a significant improvement over the M1, which totals 1,707 and 7,419 points respectively. The single-core performance of the M2 is therefore around 11.56% faster than that of the M1; and the multi-core performance of the Apple M2 is 19.45% faster than that of the M1. Only two processors would be able to beat the M2 chip on one core. We are talking about the Intel Core i9-12900K and Core i9-12900KF processors.


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