Thieving Russian soldiers steal ‘washing machines from computers, auto parts from clothes’, then post it all home – Reuters


Russian soldiers steal property from Ukrainians and then send it back to Russia.

President Volodymyr Zelensky said they have been pushed into poverty and anarchy by their state for decades.

Russian soldiers steal anything of value in Ukraine, as Moscow has now ‘decriminalised’ looting and they ‘will not incur any penalties for looting Ukrainians’ shops and residential buildings’.

Zelensky said: “When they arrived at the war and entered the territory of a neighboring state, tens of thousands of Russian servicemen were simply shocked by the normality of life.

“They were shocked by the towns and villages where people lived and did not live in poverty.

“They were shocked by the appliances in their homes. They were shocked that people had enough normal food.

He said that Russia creates conditions of total poverty for its citizens, because they cannot afford even the simplest things: normal food, education, ordinary household appliances.

For many Russians, military service becomes the only social lift and the possibility of obtaining at least something in life.

President Zelensky said: “Almost immediately, Russian troops began looting the territory of Ukraine, in areas where they could intrude.

“They tried to bring everything of value back to Russia, from washing machines to computers, car parts to clothes.

“They just stuffed it into armored personnel carriers, trucks. They stole cars and tried to take all the loot.

He also referred to recorded cases where Russian soldiers took protective plates out of their bulletproof vests in order to hide stolen laptops and tablets inside.

“It is impossible to believe that a person is so poor from birth that he considers a laptop computer more precious than his own life during the war.

“But that’s what we saw on our lands when the Russian army burst in,” Zelensky said.

He said that the war in Ukraine is a clash between two different worlds: “The world of ordinary people who have just lived a peaceful life, have thought about the future and the world of people who have been specially humiliated by their state during decades, specially driven into poverty and anarchy so that their power could be directed to all adventures, to all wars against neighbors.


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