This minimalist desk comes with modular pieces, creating a versatile design that meets your creative needs!


The Note Desk is a simple yet durable wooden desk with a removable back panel to meet your professional and creative needs.

Offices assume the personality of their owners. Illustrators and designers tend to favor drafting desks that are slightly tilted for a comfortable tilt when drawing, while secretaries and assistants opt for desks with plenty of catalog drawers and storage space for obvious reasons.

The list is long, there are as many variants of offices as there are professions. The Note Desk, from OEO Studio, is a variation that transcends professional roles to be a desk designed for everyone.

Resting on four easel legs, the Note Desk maintains a minimal profile, swapping a strong personality for durable, quality construction. Entirely constructed of wood, the Note desk has a traditional form, with a spacious flat top surface that merges with a back panel for additional functional elements.

The back panel is equipped with short shelves and a felted boot board ideal for calendar reminders and Post-It notes, making it a suitable choice for office workers and artists. Conceptualized in a range of different colors, the wood construction of the Note Desk is designed as stained ebony, deep chocolate brown, as well as a natural wood look.

The entire desk comes with a few screws, nuts and bolts for a simple yet durable construction. Similar to a desk you’ll find in a library or workspace, the Note Desk also comes with USB plugins to charge your smartphone, tablet, or laptop while working. The removable back panel, shelves and display panel can be easily applied to every note desk with built-in accessories that can just as easily be removed. With a versatile and modular structure, the Note Desk can be transformed to suit individual professional and creative needs.

Designate: OEO Studio, Jonathan Formento X HBF

Conceptualized in a range of different colors, the Note Desk is also available in natural and unstained wood construction.

The removable shelf attaches to the back panel and adds storage space to the desk.

The Note Desk was designed in collaboration with OEO Studio and Jonathan Formento for HBF.

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