Use an AMD processor? Do not upgrade to Windows 11 just yet


Windows 11 has been out for a few days now, and as you would expect with any major new software, bugs and issues have been reported. Some are quite niche, like an incompatibility between Windows 11 and a Vietnamese browser. Others are a little more significant, like AMD finding out that Windows 11 causes performance issues of up to 15% when using their processors.

The first problem is with the L3 cache on the CPU. L3 cache is a small amount of memory built into the processor that is used to handle processing between cores as well as between the processor and system RAM. Windows 11, however, appears to increase measured and functional L3 cache latency by up to three times. This in turn means programs that are heavily dependent on memory access times are affected, with AMD estimating a 3-5% performance impact in most affected applications. However, games, especially eSports titles, can see performance drop by 10-15%.

On top of that, another issue AMD spotted concerns how Windows 11 determines the best processor core. AMD’s preferred core technology allows the operating system to allocate processor cores that can reach the highest frequencies to the most important tasks. Windows 11, however, appears to not schedule threads to the fastest cores in the processor accordingly, resulting in reduced performance. This is especially true for AMD processors with more than 8 cores and a TDP greater than 65W.

With over a hundred different AMD processors listed on Microsoft’s Windows 11 compatibility list, that means many different PCs could be affected. The problem doesn’t only affect traditional AMD Ryzen processors either, with their EPYC and Athlon chips also being impacted. Fortunately, AMD says that a fix for the aforementioned two issues is currently in the works and an update is expected to be released later this month.

Until then, however, it might be wise not to update your AMD-powered PC or laptop to Windows 11, as even AMD itself recommends users use Windows 10 at this time.



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