Valve gives more answers on Steam Deck scalability and aftermarket parts


Since Valve announced the Steam Deck Laptop PC, questions have multiplied and rapidly. Among them, there has been a lot of speculation about aftermarket parts, as well as whether or not one of the components of the Deck can be improved.

Speaking with Valve’s product designers Tucker Spofford and Greg Coomer, we found out that the company is almost ready to reveal more on the subject.

“We get questions about the scalability of components, spare parts. For example: can I take it apart? “We’re going to start answering more of these questions,” Coomer says. “There’s actually a pretty nuanced set of answers around all of these things, due to a bunch of details that have to do with what happens when you take it apart, what all the tradeoffs are in the components that we have selected. “

Essentially all this means is that there are technical, practical, and possibly security considerations that need to be resolved before any word is released to the public.

“We’re about to announce all of these things, rather than talk about all of these things,” Coomer continues, “in a way that hopefully includes all of these nuances, so people can better understand.”

With the Steam Deck reminiscent of a desktop PC in many ways, it almost makes sense to assume some level of customization, scalability, or at least some form of tradable parts. We already know that it might be possible to replace your Deck’s SSD, although Valve has suggested that you probably shouldn’t.

Coin swapping is kind of what we do as PC gamers, so why wouldn’t a console for PC gamers work the same?

Valve's Steam Deck with Hades ready to launch onscreen

(Image credit: Avenir)

But the console-like design that Valve packed their little AMD component masterpiece into made me doubt that point; it just doesn’t look very customizable. After all, modern, slim gaming laptops barely let you get close to them with a screwdriver, so it’s no surprise that something even smaller maybe not either.

At first glance, the Steam Deck is nothing like the swappable controllers on the Nintendo Switch, for example, and with so many companies today reluctant to face our right to repair, it was hard to imagine. that Valve encourages us to take our Steam Bridges Are Separate.

But it looks like there is more to this on the new portable gaming PC.

“There are three things we particularly want to talk about,” Coomer teases. “Things related to controllers, things related to batteries, and things related to SSD storage.”

That’s all we got from them on the subject. We can’t say if that means the above three items will end up being interchangeable, or if Valve is just preparing to let us down due to security concerns.

Or if he says to you: go ahead, idiots, don’t come see us when things are bad.

What we can say is that this should all be clarified in the near future when Valve prepares to open, and we hope to give us the go ahead to “open” our Steam Decks as well. Watch this space for more details.


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