Why do they charge me commissions and expenses, if I already pay interest?


My friend Joshua has just taken out his first credit card . He was excited and bought that sound equipment he always wanted. You have divided the payment into 4 parts to be able to afford it. A few days ago Joshua got his first statement and oh surprise! Not only did the payment of the first installment come to him in payment, but other expenses that Joshua does not understand, and that Joshua did not know that in addition to the interests of his purchase, the bank would also charge other fees and expenses. I explained to Joshua why the bank made these charges and what they meant so that he would keep that in mind the next time he used his pretty credit card. You know what I said too!


You pay the bank for the service it offers you

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The purchase in installments is a benefit that banks offer you when you use your credit cards . The additional charges that appear in the statements of your cards are not cost overruns, but necessary charges that are made for the additional services provided by the bank and covering personnel, administrative, etc. expenses.


All charges made to your card and that are additional to your debt and interest are justified and are regulated by the SBS.

Transparent charges

We ourselves can enter the bank’s website and access online all the charges that it makes us additionally in our statement. You can also request them at the bank office or by phone.


Not all banks charge the same

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I told Joshua that not all banks charge the same fees and interest. That’s why I have my credit card with the bank that charges me as little as possible. That way I don’t unconsciously affect my personal finances . In addition, I also told him that comparing is the key to choosing the best financial institution, there are even banks that do not charge commissions than others do.

Read your bank contracts well

An additional fact that I left to Joshua was that the banks can change the amounts of their commissions at any time. He knows now that this is mentioned in the contract he signed. It is important to read all the documents we sign to avoid surprises of this kind.

Joshua now knows more about the charges for commissions and expenses that his bank makes. Now you will evaluate if you should continue with this entity when you finish paying your debt. Discover how much the bank in which you are too suits you!




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