You will be able to buy spare Steam Deck parts


Although Valve strongly recommended against opening your Steam Deck yourself, they hinted last year that you would be able to buy spares to fix the parts. Yesterday they announced the first authorized dealer, iFixit, a site that offers parts and repair guides for phones and Macs and more. It’s not yet known how many parts of the laptop will officially be sold, although Valve has previously suggested they could include “controllers, SSDs, and maybe more”.

Valve said yesterday: “iFixit will be an authorized seller of Steam Deck spare parts – as well as spare parts for Valve Index VR products. We are still working out the details and will share more information soon. on this subject. “

iFixit celebrated the announcement by tearing down a Steam Deck, and into many more pieces than Valve’s own official break. When evaluating how user-serviceable it might be, they wished the battery was easier to remove, but overall they managed to put it back in just fine and seemed to dig it out.

“The opening procedure is simple and straightforward; there is above-average modularity for most components; and you only need one Phillips screwdriver for all your repairs. And the storage solution here outperforms a lot of current laptops,” iFixit said. “Overall, the Steam Deck scores a 7 out of 10 on our repairability scale.”

Valve also recently released CAD files for the Steam Deck shell, “for any DIYers, modders, accessory makers, or people who just want to 3D print a Steam Deck to see how it feels.”

Part of the fun of PC gaming is the freedom to tweak, tinker, and fix (if you want), so it’s good to see Valve continuing with its laptop. Although I’ve built many PCs myself, I absolutely wouldn’t play inside an unfamiliar device like the Steam Deck, but I’m glad it’s an option for those more daring or silver. And it’s always good when electronics can be repaired by users.

The Steam Deck will launch on February 25. It comes in three models, ranging from £349 to £569, with better lenses, readers and accessories as prices rise.


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